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  • "We fund a major chunk of our spring trip every year this way."

    Coach Gianetti | Dominican College Baseball

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    Savannah Bix | Poston Butte, HS Basketball

  • "One week after we added contacts, we had over $10,000 in contributions."

    Coach Lugbar | Mahopac HS Baseball

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    Coach Daniels | Ravenwood HS Football

  • "Bus upgrades, team dinners and cancelled additional fundraisers!"

    Coach Shurr | John Jay HS Lacrosse

  • "We raised over $11,000 for hockey team. I invested about an hour."

    Coach Marifione | CRLS Hockey

  • "Over $16,000 for our basketball team is a game-changer. Painless and smart system works."

    Coach Lavorato | Maine South HS Basketball

  • "Our football team generated $15,000, an incredible boost for our program."

    Coach Valdez | St. James HS Football

  • "We fund a major chunk of our spring trip every year this way."

    Coach Lorenz | Maine South HS Baseball

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