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When cardiac arrest strikes a friend, colleague or family member, we're ALL first responders.

Would you know what to do? Most people wouldn't.

That's why we've taught thousands of people how to perform CPR ...

Equipped dozens of police cars and fire trucks with AED's ...

And visited schools all over central Florida showing students and faculty how to respond to heart emergencies.

Our simple mission is one that everyone can agree on: saving lives.

Today, I'm asking you to help us do even more.

We want to train more people, deploy more AED's and impact more communities. But we can't do it without the support of people like you.

Please help us save more lives by making a tax deductible contribution of $25 or more to this Citizen CPR campaign today.

Your encouragement, support and generosity is immensely appreciated!

Thank you!

Why We're Proud to be Citizen CPR Members

As a member of Citizen CPR, I'm proud to be on the frontlines training community members all over central Florida how to react to heart emergencies. We're making a difference every day and you can, too. Please join us by making a contribution that can truly save a life.
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Message from Executive Director Cauney Bamberg

As the executive director of Citizen CPR, I want to personally thank you for supporting and our Citizen CPR team. We want to teach every member of our central Florida communities how to respond to a heart emergency. Patient survival is largely driven by how individuals like you and me respond when cardiac arrest strikes. Your contributions help us reach and teach more people how to save lives. Thank you!