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St. Thomas More School

A Note From Matthew Quinn

Hello and thank you for clicking through to our Power of One campaign.

The last 14 months have presented all of us, across the nation and around the world, with great personal and professional challenges. We've all felt the impact of Covid-19.

That's why it gives me great pride to share with you how our St. Thomas More community navigated such a turbulent and disorienting period with so much grace.

Our students demonstrated tremendous responsiveness, responsibility and empathy. Despite so many disruptions to their personal and academic routines, they never lowered their expectations for themselves or their classmates.

And, they showed great compassion for each other by following guidelines and protocols that shifted week to week and month to month. It wasn't easy.

Likewise, our faculty and administration worked tirelessly -- many for six days a week, months in a row -- to keep classes running, to keep our teams in the game, and to keep our facilities open and safe.

That's not to say we've emerged unscathed. A great deal of our resources and funds were understandably diverted to urgent needs, such as modifying living and working spaces as well as supporting student families who suffered great losses during the pandemic.

So I am appealing to you with great respect and humility, for a contribution that's as generous as you can afford but consistent with your circumstances.

Steering through adversity has strengthened our passion and focused our vision for what St. Thomas More means for hundreds of young students who experience life-changing learning on our campus every year.

We're all looking forward to a more joyful, healthy and prosperous new school year starting in just a few months, made possible by the support of parents, alums and supporters like you.

I thank you for contributing to this campaign and helping us get back to the work of preparing a new generation for life ahead.

Matt Quinn

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