Cardinals Legacy Perfectos Baseball

Cardinals Legacy Perfectos Baseball

A Note From Brian Becker

Thanks for clicking through to my sponsor page for Cardinals Legacy Perfectos Baseball.

I could really use your support. In addition to mentoring a group of young men who want to learn and experience success, I also have to be nearly a full time fundraiser.

As budgets get tighter and tighter, taking care of some of the most basic needs for our group gets harder every year.

Everyone wants young people to be involved with positive activities that teach good values like teamwork, leadership and making good decisions. That’s where I am focusing my teaching energies and I am hoping you’ll help me accomplish those goals.

A summer of Cardinals Legacy Baseball is demanding as it starts immediately after school ends for summer break and, if we are lucky, will take the entire summer and average 5 games per week. Our team will play 25 games in June and if we go all the way to the World Series we will have to play 17 games in July.

Your encouragement and support is a huge help. It means our team has resources to achieve the goals we've set for 2020:
   - Getting our seniors signed to a college scholarship
   - Introducing our juniors to as many college coaches as possible
   - Becoming 2020 Missouri State Sr Babe Champions 
   - Winning 2020 Midwest Plains Regionals
   - Berth to the 2020 Sr Babe Ruth World Series

I'd be honored if you would support me and our program with a donation of $25 or more.

Your generosity means a lot to me and makes a big difference.

Thank you!

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